Redwoods 2k 60p HDR in 2022

Explore the American Northwest as we travel around the redwood forests. The costal town with the light house is Crescent City and the forest footage includes Del Norte Coasts, Fern Canyon in the Prairie Creek Redwoods, and our personal favorite, Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park.

Bulgaria 2K HDR 60P (FUHD)

We were invited to Bulgaria by "Our Home is Bulgaria" to explore the country for the first time this year and it was an amazing experience to travel through this space with so much history and diverse landscapes.

Peru 2K HDR 60FPS (FUHD)

Shot over 2 weeks traveling all over our the beautiful country of Peru: from Lima, to the amazon in Iquitos, Cusco, Ollantaytmbo and of course the stunning Machu Picchu, Puno where we visited Lake Titicaca and then traveling further into the lake to the inner island of Taquile.

Morocco 2K HDR 60FPS (FUHD)

Morocco in 2k follows our journey through this enchanting country. Exploring the streets and markets of Marrakech, Fez, the blue city of Chefchaouen, the Arfoud desert, and the ancient city of Ouarzazate.

UZB 2K HDR 60p

We were invited to Uzbekistan by the Ministry of Tourism to capture this diverse and beautiful country. Travel with us to the Samarkand mosques and mausoleums, the city of Tashkent and its uniquely beautiful underground Metro, The Samanid Mausoluem in Bukhara, the Juma Mosque, and the Itchan Kala in Khiva and more.